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Cellacare® Clavicula BAND (M)

Shoulder Brace for Clavicle Fractures

conservative treatment of clavicle fractures


Soft, but stable

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Shoulder Brace for Clavicle Fractures

Supporting fractures — the figure-of-eight bandaging technique

The Cellacare Clavicula is a ready-to-use support which functions according to the principle of the figure-of-eight bandage. It is used for posttraumatic or postoperative immobilization of the shoulder and upper arm.  

Fields of application

• conservative treatment of clavicle fractures by means of immobilization and extension


• quick and easy application and fitting by means of three individually adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners on the back
• The straps as well as the strap anchoring panel in the back are softly padded. • skin-friendly • colour: white

Soft, but stable

The support is quick and easy to put on and fit thanks to the three buckles and flat hook-and-loop fasteners. This ready-to-use support is appealing because of its soft padded straps and strap anchoring panel on the back and the skin-friendly materials, which ensure high wearing comfort for the patient.


Product composition

cotton, polyurethane, wool, viscose, polyamide.


To note / measure

• machine wash at 30°C, • do not iron,
• do not bleach,
• do not tumble dry,
• do not dry clean close hook-and-loop fasteners before washing
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