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10cm x 4m

sterilizable and permeable to air wich allows the skin to breathe freely

Comfortable to wear, Non-slipping

Non sterile

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Elastic crepe bandages
• To use as support and fixation of any other bandage.
• 93% cotton, 7% polyurethane.
• Construction when stretched: 24 threads/
• Approx. weight: 76g/sq.m.
• Stretched Length: 4m and 10m. • Elongation: >150%. • Regain length: approx. 100%. • Colour: Natural with red guides.
• With individual wrapping in cellophane + shelf box + transport carton.
 Non sterile
Size 4m x 10cm
g/m2 76
Cellophane X
Threads 24
Pcs./Bag 10
Pcs./Sh. box 200


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