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Curapor® (10×25)


• 10 cm x 25 cm – sterile, individually sealed

• sterile treatment in first aid situations

• ready-for-use,

• low risk of adhesion to the wound


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Island Dressing, sterile Curapor is an individually packed, sterile surgical dressing made from nonwoven material.


Product composition

Nonwoven base material: white, 100% polyester; skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive (free of colophony and colophony derivates). Wound pad: absorbent layer made of viscose/polyester, polyester/polyethylene wound contact layer.


Fields of application

• sterile treatment in first aid situations • dressing changes for wounds of all types, in the OR, an outpatient setting or doctor’s surgery


• lengthwise stretch (approx. 90%) • textile-elastic because of the twisted warp threads • air-permeable • textured fabric structure • has selvedges •flesh-coloured


• ready-for-use
• soft, elastic, permeable to air and water vapour
• high absorption capacity
• good padding effect
• good adhesion to skin
• gentle removal; leaves little residue
• low risk of adhesion to the wound
• radiolucent
Size (cm) Wound pad (cm) REF Shipping Units (pcs.)
10 x 25 5 x 20 01221240 50/300


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